A millennium of breeding free from outside bloodlines has produced perhaps the purest breed of horse in the world. The sure-footed Icelandic horse, with the stamina to withstand harsh weather conditions and difficult terrain, has developed a unique gait, the tölt, making them unique and riding a gentle experience. These sturdy, friendly natured horses are just as comfortable with children on their back as they are trekking in the mountains, crossing rivers or in the show ring.

Horse riding in Iceland is a great way to explore the country’s unspoiled nature, offering stunning views of panoramic landscapes and varied trails, from riding on black and white sand beaches, river banks, old dirt roads, mountain passes and historic trails used by the first settlers of Iceland - something you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. It is the most authentic Icelandic travel experience.

For the inexperienced as well as the riding enthusiast INLUX can arrange horse riding tours to suit your needs from introductory rides to week long adventure rides in all parts of the country. Enjoy the freedom and beauty of Iceland’s nature in the company of these wonderful animals.

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