What is it about Iceland that makes it so unique?

Its perfect symmetry?

And experience unique and unusual encounters

Iceland, a small island in the north Atlantic, only 2.5 hours flying time

from London or 5 hours from New York

Remnants of Iceland´s rich Viking history, its Norse sagas and

mystical folktales bring the past to life

And sample the fresh catch of the day, caught by a local fisherman

A place to experience deep within

Take a bird´s eye view to expand your horizons

Iceland is a place of natural contrasts and unique light

Bright summers with almost 24 hours of daylight

Iceland is a small island in the north Atlantic with a population of only 320,000 and flying time from London of only 2.5 hours, or 5 hours from New York. It is an adventure playground for all, families, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers set in breathtaking landscapes, with unique light and clear sharp colours, an inspiration to artists and photographers worldwide.


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